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Beyond Sputnik – U.S. Science Policy in the 21st Century:
A Book and Website for People Interested in Learning About Science Policy

Beyond SputnikBy Homer A. Neal
Tobin L. Smith
Jennifer B. McCormick

Published by the University of Michigan Press

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Over the course of the last century, numerous societal  advances have been driven by progress in science. Devastating diseases have been conquered, our quality of life and national security have been enhanced, and new economic and intellectual frontiers have been opened. Yet, the public has generally treated this progress as something that just happened, without recognizing that it is, in fact, largely the result of a sustained federal commitment to support science through science policies enacted immediately after World War II and in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik. Likewise, scientists and engineers often understand little about the policy processes that determine how they conduct their research and, in fact, have tended to avoid becoming involved the policy making process for science. Beyond Sputnik explains for scientists, policymakers and the public why science policy is important and how science policy is made.


Beyond Sputnik – U.S. Science Policy in the 21st Century is written for scientists, policymakers, students, and the general public who want to learn more about science policy in the United States.  It is the perfect introductory text for courses in science policy and is a must-read guide for lawmakers, scientists, journalists, and advocates interested in better understanding federal policies for science. Authors and experts Homer Neal, Tobin Smith, and Jennifer McCormick address a range of topics from science education, stem cell research and cloning, to big science projects such as the Super Conducting Super Collider and the Human Genome Project, to homeland and national security research.  Beyond Sputnik offer readers the opportunity to study real instances of science policymaking at work and discusses major policy challenges facing policymakers and the scientific community.


Along with information about Beyond Sputnik, this website links to to other science policy resources including books, magazines, newsletters and budget information as well as resources on how to work effectively with Congress.  Information also is provided to help individuals interested in teaching a science policy course, pursuing a degree in science policy, or in seeking an internship, fellowship or other experience in science policy.